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Research Orientation Program & Workshop on “Research Proposal Writing"

Faculty of Pharmacy
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Start Date
23/10/2021 09:30 PM
End Date
24/10/2021 01:00 AM
Seminar Hall, SKPCPER
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Total Participants 116
Program was started with welcome of guests and deep pragatya.
Dr. S. S. Pancholi, Executive Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy &Science welcomed the guests and participants and Vigyan Bharti officials presents virtually. He focused that many of the findings which are the work of the Indian culture have been named as discoveries of many foreigners not only attempts to bring for those nationalistic contributions like that of Professor Jagdish Chandra Basu who is claimed to have work in physics and radio waves. He enlightened that India has great potential and we should do our best to promote science and research not only in the students who are studying here but in the society so as to attract more candidates to take Sciences empowering youth to undertake research even under limitation that is something valuable in terms of research.
Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta, Director Research & Development, Ganpat University gave a brief overview program.
Dr. Chaitanya Joshi, President, Vidyan Gurjarithanked Ganpat Dada and the organizers of this event. He said, research proposal writing is very important part of research and it is very important how to write research proposal because after having inquisitiveness and logical mind developed several hypothesis you want to prove that your hypothesis is valid in it and to conduct the experiments and for that funding will be required normally considered the government Agencies like ICMR CSIR UGC and other Non-Government Agencies. He also emphasized that most important thing is when the funding agency or the private investors are involved why they should support your idea for this idea and for that you need to come up with a solid statement of purpose and in that what is your hypothesis how well it is supported by the scientific principles.